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Seats up to 120 people with an adjoining lounge area with bar which can seat an extra 50-60 guests.

For entertainment purposes there is also a small stage and large dance floor

These rooms can be offered separately or together.


This room is ideal for smaller intimate dinner parties, meetings or corporate training events and can accommodate 30

Nelson House was built in 1805 when Europe was in the midst of the Napoleonic Wars. Admiral Horatio Nelson dashed Napoleon's plans in a naval battle at Cape Trafalgar off the Spanish coast on the 21st of October. Lord Nelson died as the foundations for Nelson House were prepared.

The earliest document concerning the building is a Deed of Covenant dated 3rd April 1806. This relates to the completion of the sale when Messrs. Lawrence and Nicholas Halsted, gentlemen, sold the land to Mr. John Holgate, merchant, for £309.00.

The property was the home of the Holgate family until 1862.

Planning permission was granted in June 1876 for the addition of billiard rooms, and the building became the home of the Liberal Reform Club for the next forty-seven years.
Planning permission was granted in May 1894 for the erection of a new conservatory, and from about this time, until 1930, this was used as a dance hall and catered for balls, functions and private parties. For a time, the conservatory was the headquarters of the "Burnley Wheelers".
The building became known as one of several "Assembly Rooms" which were situated throughout the town. The Liberal Reform Club’s tenancy continued until 1921 when the property was purchased by the Burnley Masonic Hall Company, the current owners.

The extension to the right of the photograph is our main functions venue and was completed in 1989.